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CUSTOM PAINTED RACQUETS TAKE 3-4 WEEKS.... If you need it sooner contact Wilson! ;)

Custom Tennis Racquet

FAQs For Custom Painted Racquet

What's the cost for a Custom Painted racquet?

Since each racquet is custom, prices vary. A single color (starting price) runs $80 per frame.

Can I use my own/used frame?

Yes, as long as there is no structural damage and new unstrung grommet/bumper can be sourced.

Why do I need new grommets/bumper (plastic parts) for painting?

We remove all grommets/bumpers for hand sanding.

Can I use a new racquet?

Yes (Don't string it and save on grommets ;))

What is the durability like for a custom painted racquet?

The durability of a custom painted racquet is the same as factory, if you throw, drop or hit it on anything (besides a tennis ball) it will chip, scratch and scuff just like a factory racquet.

Can any design be done?

We can do a lot of different designs, but there are some limitations. We are working on different processes and expanding designs daily.

How will I know what my racquet will look like?

After we have email contact with you, we will ask for elements (colors, type or graphics) to design a computer layout to email you.

Will my racquet have a different weight after painting?

Each racquet is hand sand and weighed to ensure weight remains the same.

How long does it take to paint my racquet?

Depending on the design, normal lead time runs 10-15 days at least after we receive racquet.

How do I pay?

After racquet is completed, you will be sent an email with pictures, invoice and an online link for credit card payment.